Social Disengagement and Activity Theory

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Social Disengagement Theory Physically, people who fit into the disengagement theory may become very unfit and unhealthy. They may start eating the wrong foods and may become very lazy. This could lead to many problems, for example, they could become obese or anorexia in extreme cases. This could then shorten that individual’s life span. They will also be affected emotionally because if they are not able to socialise with people they could become depressed and isolated. They might also have friends or partners that have passed away which will make them feel lonely because they won’t have anybody they can talk to. This will affect them because it will lower their self-esteem and they might also feel less confident when they try to interact with someone. This might also make them feel socially isolated because they might feel that they have nobody. Activity Theory This will affect them physically because they will become healthier and fit if they are using facilities like joining an aerobic class will help them to boost their self-confidence as well as keeping them healthy. This will also help them to become less prone to illnesses like heart disease, and diabetes. This will help them intellectually because they will become mentally stimulated. This will help them to keep the skills that they have and also be able to expand their skills. The knowledge will help to keep them mentally engaged and focused when they are retired and they won’t feel bored. Example: Doing crosswords. They will be affected emotionally because they will be confident in joining new things and be able to try out things that they may not have tried out before. They will feel happy doing this and it will help to boost their self-confidence as a person. They will also feel proud of themselves whilst they are doing the activities because they will be proud of their progress
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