Comparison Between Public Health and Community Psychology

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Assignment 1 PYC4811 Critical Essay Comparing Community Psychology and Public Health Approaches Contents Page Page 1 Cover Page Page 2 Contents Page Page 3 Critical Essay Page 5 Reference Page The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast Community Psychology to the Public Health. Firstly, I shall provide the premise from which each operates. Secondly, I shall provide the differences and similarities between the two approaches. In Community Psychology there are four models. Two of these models are predominantly mentioned, The Mental Health model and the Social Action model. The prior sets its focus on prevention, protection against risk for mental health illness and skills development. The latter focuses on the political mobilization and socio-economic equality that is vital for good prosocial health (Tutorial letter 102/2014). In South Africa, as in the United States of America, a great deal of convergence has happened between these two models. In both models the community is seen to be a victim that is in need of expert help. Neither model has achieved complete clarity on how to structure the connection between expert and community. There are four classifications of Public Health and they are not separate models, each is expanded from the last in principles. This is based on a “holistic understanding” (Tutorial letter 102/2014). The social and ecological influences are taken into consideration. Both form behaviours and principles of the community. From the 1940’s to the mid 1960’s gave rise to Community Health Psychology, as well as The Public Health Psychology. Neither draw solely from psychology alone, but also social, economic and political arenas when tackling cause and effect. Community Psychology strives for education and empowerment, focusing on health aspects concerned with behaviour, such as

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