Humanistic Approach In Health And Social Care

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Introduction In this report I will be explaining different psychological approaches to health practice followed by explaining different psychological approaches to social care practice. I will then go on to compare two psychological approaches to health and social care service provision. I will then finish by evaluating two psychological approaches to health and social care provision. I will include the social learning approach and humanistic approach and explain how these theories and ideas specifically relating to health practice. Also I will include the behaviourist approach and cognitive approach and link them to social care practice. Social Learning Approach to Health Practice Social learning is the advancement of anti-discriminating…show more content…
Also if the children are with different adults at different times then the children would not maintain stability which then in turn would disable practice of the positive reinforced behaviour. The behaviourist, Skinner, argued that reinforcement was more effective than punishment in education. For example the child minder rewarding the child provides information on desirable behaviour, increases motivation to perform rather than other behaviour and are associated with pleasant emotions. Reinforcement is a very flexible form of behaviour control selective reinforcement can shape many different types of behaviour and reinforcement schedules mean reward do have to be given to desirable…show more content…
The weaknesses could be their belief in free will is in opposition to the deterministic laws of science or the issues they investigate, such as consciousness and emotion, are amongst the most difficult to objectively study. In counselling I believe there is a higher chance to address individual’s needs as client centered therapy works on a one to one basis. This specifically enables the individual services users’ needs to be met. To enable client centered therapy I believe a good counsellor is needed without a judgmental approach. Also the service provider is needed to have empathy and know how to sympathise with the client. Also the counsellor must engage a healthy relationship with the client and enable the client to trust the counsellor and be able to talk openly without and judgments being

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