Comparison Beethoven's 5th and Love the Way You Lie

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The pieces that I chose to analyze were Beethoven’s 5th symphony movement 1, and Love the Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna. These pieces are very different and at first glance, I was hard pressed to find anything that I could use to compare them, but many elements that I could contrast. Beethoven’s 5th symphony was written over a four year period beginning in 1804 and culminating in 1808. Beethoven was a German composer and pianist and he is one of the most famous composers of all time. He was a transitional musician between the classical and the romantic periods and therefore his music was a distinct split from the past. His compositions were different and cutting edge. Love the Way you Lie, was written by three different people. The Chorus, sung by Rihanna, was co-written by Alex da Kid, an English songwriter and producer, and Skylar Grey, a young female musician; the words of the verses were written by Eminem, a successful rapper. This song combines traditional pop music with that of hip-hop, a style that became popular in the eighties in the African American community and is characterized by poetry performed in time to a distinct beat. It was revolutionary and controversial at first, but has become quite mainstream. RHYTHM The rhythm of Beethoven’s 5th is unmistakable and is so important to the piece that it defines it and makes it recognizable. It is exemplified by the first 4 beats, short-short-short-long, and those beats permeate the entire piece. It is written in 2/4 time which translates to 2 quarter notes for each measure. The rhythm, especially that of the first four notes, is catchy and quick and contributes to the overall feel of the piece. The rhythm of Love the Way You Lie is 4/4 or Common time which is 4 quarter notes to each measure. The rhythm of the chorus vs. the verses feels very different. The verses are defined by

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