Old School Hip Hop Culture

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The history of hip-hop started in the late 60s and is a still a very thriving culture. The Hip-Hop culture was started by black and latino ghetto in New York, and then took over the streets. Dancing, Movies, and many other forms of entertainment were all being derived from Hip-Hop. But mainly Hip-Hop is associated with the 70s, and it’s all about rapping, break dancing, street sports, and other everyday things in an urban lifestyle. That is what Hip-Hop is, But this is how it started. Hip-hop or ‘street’ ways of live have been around for a while all over North America. But what is recognized by everyone to be the original starting of the hip-hop culture is the South Bronx, one of the poorest areas in New York. To people living there, it…show more content…
The two main ones are simply ‘Old school hip-hop’ and ‘New School hip-hop’. Now days New School is definitely much more widely adopted up by society, but there are still the classic fans of old school Hip-hop. The pop culture is has evolved into is almost everything you see, and everywhere you look. From big time celebrities all the way to the real hard street life. Rap music has turned into a multi billion dollar industry. Sparking a great rise in fame for many popular Artist, because the industry created a big opportunity for anyone that has skills involved in the hip-hop culture. It has also spilled into the fashion industry and become a big part of that as…show more content…
Both types of music create rhythmic drum patterns, and use slow rhythmic beats to give it a good groove feel that makes hip hop unique. A good rhythmic bass is usually used to also hold the beat in basically every “old school” or “new school” songs. In both eras of hip hop drum patterns are added in addition with the bass to keep the song even more on beat and give the artists a sense of word placement in the songs. They both use the same type of background instrumentals but "new school" rap uses more complex patterns, and "old school" uses a simple kick snare or pattern. However, in the case of melody, many instrumental and song structured difference are created between both of the eras of music. "Old school" rap often contained no melody or an extremely simple melody. The "new school" rap uses a lot more computer generated instrumental music, or even have people play live music for the songs recording. Although the instrumental style has evolved, the biggest difference between the two schools of rap would definitely be the big difference in the types of lyrics they say. Both kinds of music are very similar in almost everything, but the lyrics have changed a LOT over the years and through the uprising of hip hop music. In the beginning hip hop music was criticized and thought to be bad influencing type of music with now skill involved, which really changed how the artist

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