Comparing Chinese and Canadian Education Systems

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Since time immemorial ancient societies of the world developed and reserved a mechanism by the skills, knowledge and values they upheld were transmitted from one generation to the next one. The expectation was that these skills, knowledge and values had to have formative effect on the character, mental and physical ability of an individual. This paper seek to make a general comparison of educational systems in Canada and China with a particular emphasis on the differences between collectivist and individual society, it also seek to illustrate comparative analysis by specific examples of the nature of teaching and learning in two cultures, more importantly the paper will reveal the categories, structures and the learning spans that are inherent in both educational systems. This paper will also reveal how the education systems in both countries are administered, supported and managed. It will further show how the curriculums in both countries are affected in the respective systems and their jurisdiction thereof. It will fundamentally point out the major concepts that abound in the two education systems especially on how tests and exams are administered, it will also point out the value that extracurricular activities are attached in each system. Comparing Chinese and Canadian Education systems Education system in China is divided into the following three categories: basic education which in china includes preschool, primary and regular secondary education, higher education and adult. It is further stipulated by the education system that each child should have nine year in formal education. Education in China seeks to integrate group mentality of protection and security to students in exchange of unquestioning loyalty (Hanyoe,

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