Immigration Issues In Canada Essay

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However, I think it is high time that Canada addressed the immigration issue with a good dose of realism, because this country is suffering and so are many of the immigrants living here. One of the more pressing problems is the recognition of foreign credentials. Too many Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s, etc. have to work as janitors or taxi drivers, because our current immigration system has misrepresented the facts to these people. Under the points system, a medical doctor would get the top score for qualifications. However, upon arrival in Canada, this new immigrant would find out immediately that his qualifications are not recognized, despite having been given the top score, and that he would have to return to medical school for a considerable number of…show more content…
If they fail again, their status should be revoked. 4. The recognition of foreign credentials must be streamlined and accelerated. Instead of forcing immigrants back to school, the various professional bodies must provide their own training so as to upgrade newcomers’ skills and to bring them in line with Canadian expectations. For example, coming back to lawyers, the Law Society must provide individual-study programs for foreign-trained lawyers to help them achieve a Canadian level of the law. I also firmly believe that these programs should be paid for by the professional bodies themselves, with some assistance by the federal government. Canada has such a huge potential that is just waiting to be harvested. Right now, we have our apartment buildings cleaned by doctors and have ourselves chauffeured to the airport by university professors and engineers. At the same time, more and more Canadians are becoming frustrated with having to deal with people that do not speak any of our official languages. This affects our society and, in the business world, our
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