Comparing and Contrasting in the Fog and the Hitchhiker

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Did you ever read stories full of suspense, ghosts, and mysteries? The story The Hitchhiker (by Lucille Fletcher) and In The Fog (by Milton Geiger) are both suspenseful stories with mysterious, ghost characters. The author shapes the props and sound effects, characters, settings and even the little actions so that the story is suspenseful. I am going to compare and contrast the two plays. First I am going to compare and contrast the two plays. First, I am going to compare and contrast the props and sound effects. Next I am going to compare and contrast the setting and last the characters. In the plays In The Fog and The Hitchhiker have several things in common. However, there are several differences between these two stories. For instance the readers weren’t sure what was happening until the end of the story and it was unexpected to readers. The sound effects and props are also important in these stories. There are several other important props. In the play: In The Fog has several other important props, for instant, the doctor’s flashlight and Zeke’s rifle. First of all, the flashlight. When it turns off, it gives the audience feel something suspenseful and mysterious. It will also be a little bit strange. Next, the rifle did an important role by making Zeke and Eben a little strange. It also was a little scary and think they were going to kill the Doctor. Next in The Hitchhiker there are some other element of suspense. They have this sound effect, which get louder faster or slower, smaller according to the mood of the story. There are some similarities and differences in the setting in the radio play In the Fog and The Hitchhiker. First of all they all take place in similar time. You can know that In the Fog takes place long ago by the term ‘you moonshiners’. This expression was used in about the 1920s. The Hitchhiker takes place in about 1940 since the
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