Bowling For Columbine Reaction

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Bowling for Columbine Reaction Paper Bowling for Columbine is a very controversial movie. Michael Moore tends to lean towards the controversial in his documentaries. The movie touched many sensitive subjects, the main one being Guns and everything related to guns. In this paper I will talk about what I thought about Michael Moore’s actions in the movie, the Columbine shooting, and my personal opinions about gun control. Michael Moore handled the documentary very well. He had well worded questions and responses that really nailed the people he was interviewing. Michael Moore really knows how to persuade and talk. For example, he convinced Kmart to stop selling ammunition to handguns and assault weapons. Another subject he spoke about in the documentary was “Why does America have so many more gun murders than the rest of the world?” He spoke of many different possible reasons, but never really found the real reason. This kind of left me hanging. Some possible reasons were violent media, more guns, and availability of these guns. But all of them were disproved. I think the documentary would be better if he pinpointed a reason. The section of the documentary when he took the two young males who were victims of the Columbine shooting to the CEO’s of Kmart was a good argument. When he interviewed Charlton Hesston, the head of the NRA, he really pushed his buttons and even made Charlton walk away. The Columbine Shooting was un-debatably a tragic event. But in my opinion, it could have been prevented. If the parents were not so careless about their children, they would have discovered all the illegal actions they were doing and all of the explosives they were assembling. Once the shooting commended, the police were very late in arriving to the scene. Upon arrival they were very unresponsive and did not react well at all. They should have taken the school under
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