What Is The Mood Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” Reading “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Perkins Gilman is enough to make anyone feel crazy enough to relate to the story’s narrator. This story effectively uses fast paced descriptive language to describe the main focus of the story, which is the wallpaper. This constant recurrent picture is analyzed over and over to the point where it is nearly impossible to picture the vivid details of the ever-changing design. With this repetitive text, I believe that Gilman is trying to simultaneously keep the reader entertained, while offering firsthand looks into the obsessive mind of the narrator. Toward the beginning, the story maintains a typical gothic feel. Because the narrator is a woman, she is confined by her husband’s severe level-headedness. No superstitious feelings or psychological troubles she has are properly considered by her husband, and she is forced to live in the highest room in an old gothic mansion against her will. Unlike previous stories we’ve read such as “Young Goodman Brown” and “The Beast In The Jungle,” the narrator is the only character who understands what’s going on at first. In “Young Goodman Brown,” the main character is sucked into the secret meetings in the woods by others, with no idea of what he would witness. In “The Beast In The Jungle,”…show more content…
I can easily understand why the short story made such an impact in the literary and medical worlds. However, I have a hard time understanding how the story is enjoyable to read. Personally, I could not sit through the story and finish it in one sitting. The repetitive language and obsessive nature of the narrator gets extremely irritating. While other gothic tale’s we’ve read in class have been spooky, ironic, or at least entertaining, I feel that this story is literally sickeningly long. Perhaps that is why it was so
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