Compare The Poems Of Medusa And Les Grand Seignuer

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Both Carol Ann Duffy and Dorothy Molloy convey a theme of loneliness through their characters of their poems. Carol who wrote 'Medusa' conveyed a message of how life has mistreated her and she is lonely due to in medusa's case having snake hair and turning people to stone and therefore she has enclosed her self within a cave, she conveys this message through a dramatic monologue. Dorothy who wrote 'Les Grands Seigneurs' had a message of how he distance her self from men and due to that she is is lonely but in the end gets married but has lost all authority as she is a female and in the past men had greater authority no matter what the status was of the female, she conveyed this through four stanzas and the the fourth stanza is the turning point where she has become married also she has written the poem in the past tense showing how she misses her old self and is lonely now even though she is married. I would also compare these poems to the world war one poet Siegfried Sassoon 'the soldier' as it also conveys a theme of loneliness. I will show how these two poets convey the theme of loneliness through their poems. In 'Medusa' we see a few language devices being used, "wasn't I beautiful? Wasn't I fragrant and young? Look at me now." we see a device of rhetorical question used here an this is showing how she misses her old self and that how she is comparing her self to her past and this is also used in the second poem to compare her life to how she was. Medusa is very lonely because she has enclosed her self off but the Greek God Athena was the one who cursed her because of the affair medusa had with Poseidon and this is medusas one true love as she states in the poem but can't have him and also this shows her loneliness. The writer also used an imperative in the last line of the quote and this is also saying look what she has become, vulnerable or even lonely. The
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