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Bio 160 Study Guide – Endocrine System – Chapter 10 Compare the Endocrine system as a control system to the Nervous system, including response time, duration of effects, type of signaling (electrical? Chemical?), type of effects on body, etc. Nervous System: Quick response time (millisecond), Short duration of effects, Works through use of electrical impulses (action potential) and direct release of chemicals across intersitial fluid to adjacent cells, Effects specific sets of cells, neurons, muscles, glands, resulting in specific responses, muscle…show more content…
The effects of hormones on cells, is a change in metabolic activity by activation or the inactivation of specific genes (affecting protein snythesis) How hormones alter cellular activities depends on whether hormone receptors are located on the plasma membrane or inside the cell Describe the general mechanism of hormone action if a hormone is able to cross the plasma membrane and enter a target cell. -Intracellular Receptors Hormones that can enter the cell, bind to its Intracellular Receptors can directly affect the structure or function of the cell, Binding to a receptors within the nucleus will change the cells metabolic activity (protein synthesis), Binding to a receptor on the mitochondria will increase the rate of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production -Steroid Hormones -Thyroid Hormones Describe the general mechanism of hormone action if a hormone cannot cross the plasma membrane of a target cell. -Membrane Recptors Hormones that are not lipid soluble, will bind to receptors on the cell membrane (Membrane Recptors), membrane binding activates a "second messenger" in the cytoplasm, "second messenger" function as an enzyme activator or…show more content…
Hypothalamus regulates the Pituitary Gland, by release of regulatory hormones -Negative feedback mechanism regulated How does the hypothalamus control the anterior pituitary? Hypothalamus produces Regulatory Hormones that are release by hypothalamic neurons into Portal Veins that descend into the Anterior Pituitary casueing it to either to release hormones or inhibit hormone release What is the hypophyseal portal system and why is it important? An extensive capillary network that surround endocrine cells of the Anterior Pituitary, provides an entry point into the blood stream for hormones secreted by the Anterior

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