compare and contrast the jorneys of two characters in the movie "Crash"

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We do not see a lot of movies like “Crash” very often. Movies, that disturb us, touch us, make us think. “Crash” is one of those movies. It is the realistic story about racism and prejudice, which are even more noticeable in such big multinational city like Los Angeles. Fast paced urban society makes people crueler, more intolerant especially to those of different ethnic backgrounds. The movie shows us 24 hours of lives of several Angelinos all different races and classes: African American homicide detective Graham Waters and his Hispanic partner/lover Ria; white district attorney Rick Cabot and his always angry wife Jean, who got carjacked at gunpoint by two young car thieves Anthony and Peter. First one is absolutely sure that he is being discriminated all the time. And the second one is young brother of Detective Graham, who is too busy with his career and love affair to keep his brother out of trouble. Then there is a successful black TV director Cameron, whose wife was humiliated by racist police officer John Ryan, who at the end turns out to be a loving son of his very sick father. We also see Farhad, Persian convenience store owner, who gets discriminated on a regular basis by being confused with Arab. Farhads store gets robbed and he turns his anger onto Mexican locksmith Daniel, who actually tried to prevent this. As we follow the characters stories and see them “bump into each other”, the question arises “Do people have to come to certain critical point to realize the simple truth?” Further I will try to answer this question based on the movie and my own personal English 101 Essay 2 03/25/08 Student: Evgeniya Dmitrieva Instructor: Christy Diulus Page 2 opinion by comparing two characters: officer John Ryan and Farhad, who both have to go thru life changing

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