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Show Boat ‘ Show boat’ Is a Musical Film about, you guessed it, a show boat that travels back and forth throughout the Mississippi river, putting on various entertainment for the passengers to enjoy. The boat is called the Cotton Blossom and is captained by Captain Andy Hawks. The Blossom’s leading female performer Julie La Verne is married to a man named Steve Baker (who is also the leading male of the show group). Steve gets into a fistfight with another man on board the boat named Pete. Steve knocks Pete to the ground, Pete, full of rage, swears he shall get revenge on Steve. Captain Hawks daughter, Nollie Hawks, begins to fancy a hotshot gambling man, Gaylord Ravenal. As the story goes on, these two fall in love and have a continued complicated relationship. Soon after they meet, the police come to arrest Steve Baker and Julie because it is bought to light that Julie has ‘ black blood’ in her ( it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry back then). Baker reveals that he also…show more content…
They sing together and basically say you don’t know your father? Well how about just for now we pretend that I’m you father. I just find it amusing how drastic of a coincidence it is but as I said that’s just Musical Theater, and in Musical Theater, anything is possible. Overall, I actually quite enjoyed the film ‘ Show Boat’. Even though the film was made a good 60 years ago, I feel that you are still able to happily watch it today and be told a good story from it. From its interesting story, to it’s classic and catchy songs, it makes for an entertaining watch the whole way through. I would be interested to see if they would do a modern making of the show, It would be nice to see what adaptations they would take to make it appeal to people of todays

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