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A critical film review on the movie: Crash Screenplay/writer: Paul Haggis Director: Paul Haggis The undercurrent of racism The drama called Crash which is also knows as L.A. Crash was written and directed by Paul Haggis. Since Crash was filmed in an alarmingly realistic way, carrying interesting and unique techniques within its film structure, it will be critically reviewed and discussed in this essay. The novel Crash is a socio critical drama, mainly presenting the several-different lives of inter-related characters that have never met each other before, but indeed have various aspects in common. Within the 24 hours of the plot’s duration, Paul Haggis has decided upon presenting thrilling-reality based themes such as oppression, crime, racism, corruption, obligation, indignation. In separate incidents, all different character’s lives collide with each other, purposely leading to further tension and understanding of the overall plot and its assertion. Main characters like a police detective linked to a tragic family faith, an attorney and his pampered wife, two car thieves constantly discussing racism, a racist veteran cop taking care of his sick father, a successful Hollywood director and his wife, a Persian-immigrant father and a Hispanic locksmith, will conduct the audience throughout this social-critical drama. Thus, an “utter entertainment satisfaction” arouses and also may lead to moral and soul-searching. One specific scene, out of 19 scenes, which is called “The revenge”, is going to be discussed in this forthcoming essay. This results out of the scene’s consistence of many interesting filming techniques that create emotional and controversial feelings among the audience while watching it. The screen duration of this movie is approximately 113 min / 115 minutes. (Director’s cut) The filming locations were Germany and the USA. SCENE NAME:

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