Compare & Contrast

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ESSAY: PERSUASION One of the most important skills to learn in writing is persuasion. For this project, you will write an essay comparing and contrasting two things. They can be items (apples and oranges), events (Waterloo and Normandy), places (Hawaii and Alaska), people (two politicians), or anything you can think of. OBJECTIVES Compose a persuasive essay using regular triangle organization. Use comparison and contrast development. After giving a balanced comparison of the two things you have chosen, decide which one you like better, and state your reasons. Since you are trying to persuade others to agree, organize your reasons carefully, building in importance, and close with a convincing paragraph. The resulting essay will be organized as a regular triangle, much as a single paragraph can be organized in that way. Instructions: Organize your information before you begin writing. You may wish to divide a piece of paper into three columns. Label them: For, Against, Other. As you plan, jot down your facts in the appropriate column. This helps you organize your information and will aid you in your persuasive essay. Make a brief outline (written or mental) for the reasons you prefer one of the two. Organize the reasons from least important (or least persuasive) to most important (or most persuasive). Write one paragraph for each of your main points. Use connecting words at the end or beginning of each paragraph. Summarize and conclude in a conclusion paragraph. Write an essay of at least 200 words with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You will be graded on the following criteria: Clearly state your position and support it within the required number of words. Make sure each paragraph contains one main idea and support. Use complete sentences. Include an introductory paragraph, proper transitions, and an appropriate
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