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[pic] UNIT 1 VCE ENGLISH RESOURCE HANDBOOK 2012 In this booklet you will find resources for: SEMESTER ONE AREA OF STUDY ONE: READING AND RESPONDING - THE BOOK THIEF AREA OF STUDY THREE: USING LANGUAGE TO PERSUADE – LANGUAGE ANALYSIS AREA OF STUDY TWO: CREATING AND PRESENTING – FREEDOM WRITERS Unit requirements: To successfully pass an outcome, you must submit all pieces of work including homework activities, practice SACs and real SACs. Name: ___________________________________ Teacher:_______________________________ AREA OF STUDY ONE READING AND RESPONDING SEMESTER ONE 2011 TEXT: THE BOOK THIEF Outcome One: Reading and responding This area of study includes…show more content…
• Why is friendship so important to Liesel in the novel? Discuss in reference to two very significant friendships Liesel experiences in the novel. • Why are books so significant in The Book Thief? Discuss in reference to Liesel. • The characters in the end of The Book Thief have changed from who they were at the beginning of the novel. Discuss. • From the time that Liesel is abandoned by her mother a central focus of her life is belonging. Discuss this theme in reference to at least two characters in The Book Thief. • How do the characters in The Book Thief demonstrate the human capacity to overcome adversity? SAC Conditions and Criteria Unit 1 English Assessment Task 1 Area of Study One: Reading and Responding. In this task, you must write a written text response to The Book Thief. CONDITIONS: • You will be given the essay questions in the week before the SAC, and you will be allowed to bring in a one page, handwritten sheet of notes. • Please arrive promptly to class, ready to begin on time. • You may bring in your copy of The Book…show more content…
Topic sentences: • explain the point you're going to make in the paragraph • are clear and concise • link back to your contention in the introduction • build on the points made in the previous paragraphs When all topic sentences are read together, they should summarise your argument. If you recorded your key points in your essay plan, you've already written your topic sentences. Take your key points, write them in a single sentence and then write a paragraph discussing each one. EVIDENCE A good quote adds something meaningful to your argument and links to the main idea of the paragraph. When choosing a quote, make sure it: • supports the main idea of the paragraph • is punchy and direct, even dramatic • comes from a source you trust • is relatively short and to the point. Follow each quote with a short description of what it means and how it relates to your topic sentence and argument. Don't use quotes instead of your own words — they're meant to add weight to your argument.

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