Compare and Contrast the Person Centred Model with the Gestalt Approach

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In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the person centred model with the Gestalt approach and briefly outline a case study who I have worked with in skills practice. My Case study who I will refer to as Mrs B has been in a long term relationship for fifteen years, which has often been stormy. They have four children and got married three years ago in the last two years she has been considering ending the relationship due to her own unhappiness within this relationship as she feels her husband is often selfish, critical of her and doesn’t participate in family life even though he has continuously said he will make an effort to change this. Person-Centred Therapy origins Person Centred Therapy (PCT) was developed by psychologist Carl Rogers during the 1940s; it is a non-directive therapeutic approach which concentrates on the clients present not the past. In the 1950s’ Rogers called his approach client-centred and later in the1960s person-centred-therapy because of its focus on the client's individual view of the world and their needs were put at the centre. His ideas culminated in his necessary and sufficient conditions writings in 1957 and 1969. During the 1980’s and 1990’s his approach was broadened to education, industry, groups and conflict resolution. Many others have contributed and developed PCT, Natalie Rogers, Carl Rogers’ daughter, developed “person-centred expressive therapy” which engages clients and group members in the creative arts, Eugene Gendlin developed “focusing oriented”, “experiential psychotherapy “ to help clients tune in to their “inner experiencing” in greater depth, Gary Prouty’s “pre-therapy" uses PCT principles e.g. acceptance, non-judgemental and a non-directive approach. David Mearns and Brian Thorne both separately and together have made contributions through their books in the UK, i.e. Person-Centred Counselling in

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