Compare And Contrast Phoenix Vs Arizona

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The City of Angels One out of every eight United States residents lives in California. Why not live in the most exciting place in the country? California has a plethora of activities and places to experience; unlike most other states. Arizona is one state that has absolutely no competition with California. The busiest city in Arizona is Phoenix; but what is there to actually do there? Los Angeles, being the busiest city in California, on the other hand, has more than enough to do. There is no doubt that the Los Angeles area of California is extremely more enjoyable than Phoenix, Arizona because of the famous theme parks, scenic beaches, and events held there annually. The Los Angeles area of California is better than Phoenix, Arizona because of…show more content…
California has a ton of beaches to experience; whether you want to have a bonfire, go surfing, take a stroll with your sweetie, or even just walk around and explore. One amazing beach in Los Angeles is Venice Beach. Venice beach is both a town and recreational seashore, one of the funkiest, most varied and fun beach scenes in the Los Angeles area (Malloy). When walking the boardwalk of Venice Beach, you will be able to see artists, street performers, and vendors of all types (Malloy). If you want to visit a beach that is less of people-watching and more of amusement seeking, Santa Monica Pier is the perfect place to go. You don’t only get to experience the beautiful beach, but an exciting amusement park on the pier (Malloy). Phoenix has absolutely no beaches; matter of fact, Arizona has no beaches at all. In Arizona you can visit a private pool, and you will definitely want to in the desert heat; however, a swimming pool does not compare to the amazing beach and ocean. The closest thing to a beach in Arizona is the smelly and dirty lakes. Who wouldn’t choose a beach over that any

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