Community Health Nursing Task 1 Essay

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Community Health Nursing Task 1 Community Health Epidemiology Paula Czarina C. Sandoval Western Governors University Student ID# 266747 The city of Los Angeles in California is one of the biggest and most populated areas in the United States. With the commercialization of “living the dream” especially in Hollywood, people flock to California, specifically Los Angeles to make their dreams, whatever they may be, a reality. With also the mix of rural, urban, and suburban areas in this community, we can say that Los Angeles has a very diverse group of people. Not only within ethnicity and race you can find the variety, but also in terms of employment, income rates, and health care practices. The city of Los Angeles covers an area of 469 square miles which is home to an estimate of 3,819,702 people as of 2011. For this much area for this population, 7,544 per square mile, Los Angeles’ population density is considered to be much higher than state and national average. Los Angeles is not very far away from the Mexico/California border, which contributes to the continuous growth of the population. Not only people from different countries, but also from the different states of the US migrate to this city, wanting a better life for themselves and their families. The area is also occupied by a vast collection of different types of commercial and housing buildings (high-rises, factories, apartment buildings, houses, malls). With so many people living in the area, the community health nurse will need to assess and gather data as to which population will primarily need attention. Los Angeles is considered a “melting pot” of cultures and ethnicity. Population Economic Status Assessment City of Los Angeles, California Population: 3,819,702 (2011) Non-U.S. Citizen 49% Naturalized U.S. Citizen 28% U.S. Born Citizen 18% WHITE 49.79%

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