Compare And Contrast Level 3 Unit 10 Communication And Professional Relationships With Children

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Level 3 Award in Support Teaching and Learning in schools Unit 10 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults How can communication affect relationships with children and young people? It is important to communicate when building relationships with children and young people, if you have good communication with a child, you are more than likely to have a good relationship with them too. This is important on the safeguarding children and young person’s process as it builds trust between you and the child and therefore also makes you more approachable, as the child/young person has trust, confidence in you – you are more likely to be able to help when in need – having a good relationship between parents and/or guardians is also crucial, as a positive and good relationship benefits and supports the safeguarding of children and young people. If…show more content…
Get down to a child’s level, keep smiling, gentle movements, no harsh actions – react and comment on what they are saying. * Be interested, responding and questioning to maintain conversation. Always show an interest and respond to any questions that children ask and maybe ask them similar questions to make sure they have an understanding and by doing they know that you also have an understanding of what they were saying and you acknowledged them. Adapting the way we communicate to different situations? Every day we communicate with many different people but we do not always take into consideration the way we should adjust our communication style. This can lead to confusion, hurt feelings and misunderstandings. We should always consider the different factors that may influence the effectiveness of your communication. I have put together a chart with a couple of examples to show the way we may adapt to the different situations. The situation(for example) | The way in which we may need to adapt to different situations.
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