Compare And Contrast Hockey Vs American Hockey

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Sebastian Gronborg Mrs. Wollman R/W 1 9 Dec, 2014 Swedish Hockey vs. United States Hockey When you start playing hockey, your dream is to one day play hockey in NHL, the greatest hockey league in the world. Back in the day, it was really hard to be brought up to the highest level, but now a days the availability of young talents are much larger. This is thanks to the awareness of the game, along with the now wide spread and the advancements in technology is developing. When you are a young hockey player no matter where you are from it is important that you make the right chooses depending on your quality. If you have either or both academic goals or an athletic goals. It is important that you think about this really carefully,…show more content…
Everything is covered by the team you are playing for. They will provide you with the top of the line equipment, your living expenses and travel expenses. After the season you get to keep your equipment too. . Plus that you are going to play in front of thousands of fans every single night. When you play junior A you will get a great amount of exposure. Pro scouts and college scouts are going to be on the games and watch you play. This can be a good opportunity for you to get a pro contract or a college scholarship. In Sweden we have kind of the same thing, we have a league that calls junior Super Elite, you don´t pay to play and you get free equipment and so on, the different is that we have scouts from junior A teams in United States and pro scouts watching, not college scouts. Why college scouts are not coming to Sweden to scout players is because that it is easy for us to play professionals if we are in this league, the reason for that is that the team in Super Elite is junior teams for the professional teams. If you don’t make it to the biggest junior leagues in both countries you need to pay to play. Hockey is a very expensive sport to play, this is one of the largest down falls in hockey, the reason is that a lot of young talented players quit because they don’t have enough money to…show more content…
In Sweden we have 325 ice rinks and 68 000 players, of this we have 62 players in the NHL, these 62 players from Sweden in NHL is 10% of all the players there. In the United States it is 1 800 ice rinks and 485 000 players, of this it is 169 players in the NHL, that is 20% of all the players in the National Hockey League. As you can see it is more Swedish player that plays in the NHL then Americans if you look at the numbers of total players from the country. But in NCAA the numbers are different, Sweden have 13 players in division one and United States have 1079 players. This is because of the thing that I mention earlier. Players that are from the United States are more likely going to get an scholarship to a division one school and then try to go professional after, but if you are from Sweden you are trying to make it to the pros. Whatever you do, the choice that you make will have a impact of your future. The choice that you make as a young boy can decide your future, where ever you play or wherever you are from. If you make the right decision you will be there you want to be. If you chose to go to college then make it to the pros you will have a good education to fall back on if you quit or get injury. If you go to the pros first you can never go back and play college hockey. It is a big decision

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