Into The Wild Analysis

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Into the Wild by John Krakauer is an account of Christopher John McCandless’ desire to go into the wild, and ends with his death. Some people would say that he was crazy to do this, but others oppose and say that his motive was reasonable. Chris and I both have some things in common. I would never go to the extreme of doing what Chris did though. Christopher McCandless and I have both gone through similar interests regarding our feelings about adventure, the urge to get away, and wanting to be independent. Into the Wild by John Krakauer is a story of a boy with strong feelings about the world. These feelings drive him to do what most people would never do, which is to go into the wilderness with little knowledge or experience on surviving…show more content…
One way that I would say that I was like Chris, is that there’s so much out there in the world that everyone should see. That doesn’t mean looking at it from your television screen. I would like to make somewhat of the same adventure that Chris made. The few things that I would drastically change is that I would plan out the whole trip, go with money, and not end up somewhere that would make me trapped till my death. I can definitely see myself graduating from college, leaving behind everything and exploring the parts of the country that I haven’t seen before. A cross country road trip looks fun when you see it in the movies, which is kind of where I got my inspiration being adventurous isn’t really something that most people like to do. Being independent is also a key factor that relates me to Chris. Being independent doesn’t always mean that you want to alienate yourself from the world, but sometime that you don’t want to allow others to support you along the way through whatever it is that you are doing. I would say that I am a very strong person just like Chris. In order to do what he did, you have to have some sort of discipline. Chris was fearless in his will to test his limits. I sometimes think about the things that I can do once I get of age, and I definitely would like my headstrong attitude to show just as Chris’
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