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Nick Maldonado MWF 9-9:50 Not Just A Game HOCKEY PLAYERS: The cockiest, dirtiest, most irresponsible group of athletes in the world. Live the dream until they are 35 then realize they never made it. Ladies love us, and guys want to be us. You lace up the skates, put on the gloves, strap on the helmet, and walk on to the ice. It doesn't matter that you failed a test, didn't get the girl of your dream, or that your life is on a one way trip down the shitter, because your world is right for the next couple hours. Here's to faceoffs, goals, assists, overtime, living on the road, cold rinks, early mornings, breakaways, going top shelf, countless hours of practice, thousands…show more content…
Hockey has been nothing but good for me and I am so thankful that I was given the oppurtunity to play. I've met some people that have completely changed my life for the better and I've traveled to some awesome places that I would’ve never been to if it wasn’t for this fantastic sport. Ever since my first few strides on the ice, I knew that this is what I would want to play for the rest of my life. In just 10 years, I have won some awards and done some things that most kids that have played this sport will never be able to say they've done. From tournament MVP'S in youth hockey, to Section III High School Hockey 2nd team all-star awards representing PHS all by myself. Also, being within the top 20 point getters in New York State my senior year. It’s crazy to think that my life would be totally different if I hadn’t gone to that learn to skate lesson with my best friend that day. Hockey is now a way of life for me and it’s not just some sport to play. Hockey has been nothing but good to me and had impacted my life tremendously within 10 years. So in the wise words of hockey legend Bobby Orr.. It’s not just a game, It’s a way of

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