Compare And Contrast Bill Clinton And George Bush

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Bill Clinton versus George bush Former president Bill Clinton’s supporting Barack Obama speech and current president George Bush’s acceptance speech both opened up with a standing ovation all though bill Clinton’s lasted a bit longer. Being that bill Clinton is from the Democratic Party and George bush our president being a part of the Republican Party, there bound to have different ideas on how to approve this country especially economically; although some of the issues they address are similar. Bill Clinton intrigued the audience with his jokes and sincerity to supporting Obama. “Hillary told us in no certain terms that she will do everything she can to elect Barack Obama ,that makes two of us, actually that makes 18 million of us- because…show more content…
Bush states that “as long as our country stands people will look to the resurrection of New York City and they will say here buildings fell here we rose”. He addresses most about September 11th and relies on analogies to explain his ideas for example “we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom. This is the everlasting dream of America”. Although a lot of people disagree with his decisions and visions for America he states that “ordering Americans into battle is the hardest decision, even when it is right.” Even though G. Bush has served a second term as president is a part of the Republican Party which the way he speaks about our country and September 11th convinces me that he and his political party are most going to war instead of world peace and our environment. George Bush and bill Clinton are very different in how they served their terms as president. But they both have served this country with loyalty and a big audience of followers. They have both made history and during there speeches spoke with sincerity in trusting in their ideas to protect this
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