Analysis of Barack oBama Speech

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I will now analyze the graphs. First of all graph 1 shows the number of positive phrases used by Barak Obama and George.W.Bush in their first inaugural speeches from 2005 and 2009. As shown above Barack Obama is slightly more positive in his speech than George.W.Bush. The attitude shown by Barack Obama is shown within the first couple of paragraphs, i.e. he uses words like “ humbled”, which is a transition verb, to create the image he is only human and shouldn’t be looked at any different than anyone else, the verb destroys the power of prestige of his position, this gives off a positive attitude towards the public listeners, to everyone is as equal as Obama not matter his position he is as President of the Untied States. Obama states he is “grateful “ for allowing him to become the President of the Untied States of America, he expresses this by showing grace and pleasing reflection of what the situation means to him as a person as becoming part of the timeline, of which all the great Presidents which have been elected, i.e. “mindful” being the mental side of the argument to state he will be part of previous Presidents, “Ancestors”. Obama gave of an average you could say gave off an average speech, but in average terms, more so “fantastic” than average. The body language that Obama uses and the way that is uses words to convey a positive attidude, is full of confidence, authority and command of the whole situation. In the first couple of paragraphs he shows a lot of respect to George.W.Bush by describing his service to the country by using key adjectives, “generosity” which gives off a positive remark you could state, however it could also be interpreted in a sarcastic manner, by using a pause in the speech of “ I thank president Bush for his service to out nation” pause, this pause changes the interpretation completely, which creates a sense of tension
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