Compare and Contrast About Fairytales

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“Snow White”: Then and now Fairy Tales are filled with magic, love, and conquest of good over evil. Fairy tales can be a window to other worlds so that children can make their wildest dreams come true. When I was a kid Snow White showed me all of these things, but looking back now at Snow White the characters, plot, and theme shows something in a different way. Looking back at the characters of Snow White they were very unique to me as a kid. For example, Snow White was known for her beauty at such a young age, “The fairest of them all.” Also, the Queen evil as can be and envious of Snow’s beauty. Lastly, the handsome Prince Charming that kisses Show White and they both live happily ever after. However, back then my view of these characters are very different. For instance, Snow White was very beautiful, but it shows that children have to have beauty to get where they want to be in life today, and Snow White marries a man that she barley knows. What does that show children today that when they meet a handsome guy marry them? Another is the Queen, jealous of Snow’s beauty, and wants Snow White dead so she can be the fairest of the land. This shows children that beauty is a competition, but what really matters what is in the inside not just appearances. Lastly, Prince Charming first meets Snow White in her sleep and awakes her with a true loves kiss and they both live happily ever after which barely happens in the real world today! Another fascinating thing about Snow White was the theme. For example, Show White showed me as a child that true love triumphs over all odds. Also, evil will always be punished and pure heart will get what their hearts desire. Lastly, shows that true love lasts forever. Looking back to my views of the theme my prospective definitely changed over the years. For instance, the major theme shows

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