“The Algonquin Cinderella” Native American Myth

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EN101 Prof. M. Dolan Melissa Perdomo October 20th, 2010 “The Algonquin Cinderella” Native American Myth Traditions It is said that there is a moral to a myth story. The evil one always has the first laugh and the good one has the last laugh or the good guy finishes last. “The Algonquin Cinderella”, a Native American Myth shows us the true story of “Cinderella”. The inner beauty in someone is far more important than just appearances. Oochigeaskw succeeded in marrying the “invisible boy”. She wasn’t thinking about her outer beauty. The fact she saw her inner beauty in herself she also made her see the beauty in the boy. On the other hand, Oochigeaskw two sisters failed to succeed because of their ignorance. They both thought that appearances were far more important. They made sure they dressed themselves with fancy dresses to impress the “invisible boy” but not only did they fail the test. They also failed to see the boy’s inner beauty. I think that in order to be happy and find true happiness, it’s important to accept yourself for who you are and to also accept others the way they are. For example, no matter how beautiful a woman’s beauty from the outside can be. Her beauty can take her so far to the point that if her personality is ugly, she can appear to be an ugly person on the outside as well. Oochigeaskw clothes were traditional and because she wasn’t thinking like her sisters. Instead of wearing fancy clothes, she made her own dress “decorated in the style of long ago”. I guess she was trying to balance out her wardrobe and the scars that she had on her face. Because in the story it said her dress was too big for her to wear, in a way it seemed as if she was trying to hide her outer beauty and show more of her inner beauty. The inner beauty in someone is far more important than just appearances. Cinderella is more than just a fairytale story.

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