Stuart Hirschberg Rhetoric Of Advertising Analysis

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Ad Manipulation Nobody believes that buying a product will result in the situation coupled with the product in an ad, but it is still a major advertisement strategy. Why is this? In some way or another it works, otherwise it would not continue to be used. This Mark Celebrate perfume ad uses this strategy and others to enforce the idea of meeting social standards, being married, and wanting to belong. The strategies used in this ad can be connected to same ideas Stuart Hirschberg talks about in his essay “The Rhetoric of Advertising”. The different kinds of women viewing this ad want to be a part of what is going on in the ad; the celebration full of unmarried, happy, beautiful women waiting to catch their future. This ad is presented with a crowd of young women lunging towards a falling bouquet of flowers. There are fourteen women in the image. Each one of them is dressed up for the wedding that they are a celebrating. Huge smiles are pasted on all of the women’s faces displaying the abnormal amount of fun they are having. There is not much of a background because the ad is mainly dominated by all the women in the ad, but what is visible is a white background around the women in the ad. In front of all the women is a bottle of the Mark…show more content…
One possible reason is to make women doubt their own beauty, and when someone critiques themselves, the responses are not the most beneficial. This is because we all know our own flaws the best and are not afraid of being too cruel to ourselves. This doubt that women have about their own beauty, leads to doubt about marriage. For the unmarried women viewing this ad, if they have become doubtful of themselves, this may have caused them to become nervous about being wed. The women in this ad are celebrating a wedding that has just occurred, thus the idea of weddings is in their head and the desire they may have to be

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