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Everyone Needs Beauty Sleep The general introduction to fairy tales has been written and read a hundred times. Being spared from this is a blessing when one already knows that fairy tales are ever changing. Above all stories, Cinderella has gone through the most revisions, retelling and overuse. Gail Carson Levine decided to do yet another when she wrote Ella Enchanted. While the plot markers are indeed a Cinderella story, this version contains a girl’s journey that resembles Sleeping Beauty’s. The parallels between Cinderella and Ella Enchanted are easy to point out. They are crude surface likenesses, the generic characteristics one always attributes to Cinderella. A cruel stepmother and two nasty stepsisters replace Ella’s mother. They treat her very poorly, having her serve as a scullery maid. Cinderella and Ella also attend royal balls. They go to three balls to be exact. Ella’s story even has the trademarked glass slipper, which her Prince slips onto her foot before he asks her to marry him, as in Perrualts The Little Glass Slipper. An important similarity in the two stories has a very crucial difference. Both girls are obedient. Cinderella’s obedience is considered a virtue. She is praised for being gentle and kindhearted. Ella’s however is a curse. This seems to be an accurate reflection on our culture. Ella become s a rebel, steadfast in her convictions and at every chance makes a stand for herself. She is not reprimanded for these actions. In fact, when Ella gets to exert power over other creatures she is exuberant. Being submissive is not necessarily a good thing when you do it constantly. We rejoice when we have the power to control not only ourselves but also other people. Where as in Cinderella’s story, a girl is encouraged to listen and do what she is told for after she is exceptionally good, a man will come to her. This curse is exactly what

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