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In modern day, Disney’s ideology has been criticized for failing to change with the times. Summarize Disney’s ideology. In your opinion, is this a valid criticism? Explain. Disney is in fact a legend, but in your opinion, what were Disney’s failures? This topic is open for debate because the modern day Disney Channel sticks Walt Disney’s original ideology. However saying that it fails to change is inaccurate. Full length animated Disney films stick to the ideology, while the animated cartoons have none of Disney’s ideology. To best summarize Disney’s ideology is simply put that Disney exist teach a moral or lesson. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made in 1937 has a moral that could be true love can overcome all or you could say that it is that selfishness will ultimately doom you. Beauty and the Beast has simple morals which are that even a hideous person can find love with the right woman or that if you are ugly to someone they might just do something ugly in return. Most recently is the 2013 film Frozen which has a moral that is summarized by saying that nothing can break the bond of sister and the love that they have for one another. My opinion is that this criticism is not valid. Disney is there to teach and inspire the right values and virtues in kids. A person who criticizes Disney’s ideology is completely irresponsible. How can someone argue about instilling virtue and value in kids before they get to old to care. They need to be taught early that way the grow up to be decent human beings who care about more than just violence and ugliness. Disney inspires people to do the right thing no matter how hard it is. What are some failures of modern day Disney? I think it is the fact that they try to change. The people who draw the animation shows seem to be change the forms of bodies. The animated people in there cartoons

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