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Compare and Contrast Essay A fairy tale is a short story that usually includes fictional characters involved with unlikely, magical events that lead to a happy ending. The “Cinderella” tales written by Charles Perrault and Anne Sexton contain a number of similarities and differences. While both Charles Perrault in “The Little Glass Slipper” and Anne Sexton in “Cinderella” use similar characters, such as Cinderella and the godmother, to help tell the story of Cinderella, the different plot structures and events happening suggest that the story of Cinderella can be written in many different ways. The characters in Perrault’s “The Little Glass Slipper” vary from the types of characters in other stories about Cinderella. In Perrault’s version of the fairy tale, Cinderella is the protagonist. She is a beautiful, hard-working girl who is mistreated by her stepsisters and stepmother “who employ[ed] her in the meanest work of the house” (Perrault). Cinderella’s hard work is not her choice, but only because her family forces her to do all of the housework. However, Cinderella has a godmother that is a fairy. Cinderella’s godmother gives Cinderella everything she needs to attend the ball by striking certain things with her wand. The fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a “fine coach”, six mice into “fine horses”, three rats into coachmen, six lizards into footmen, and finally turned Cinderella’s rags into cloths of gold and silver (Perrault). These two characters demonstrate Perrault’s intention of showing the magical transformation of the cinder girl to a princess. Continuing to show Perrault’s intention, the plot reinforces the justice Cinderella deserves. The plot structure of “The Little Glass Slipper” in Charles Perrault’s version is the typical fairy tale about Cinderella that most people have read about. The exposition of the story begins with Cinderella’s dad

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