Child Beauty Pageants

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Mini Barbie Dolls Child beauty pageants should be banned. The expanding trend of child beauty pageants is growing rapidly in the United States and should be stopped immediately. Mothers enroll their daughters into these beauty pageants and the little girls, sometimes as young as four years old, compete against one another almost entirely based off of their outer beauty. The pageants throw in the “talent” section for the girls to compete in where they show off a gymnastics routine or something physical that supposedly directs the judges eyes off of mainly beauty, but all in all that is exactly what they are judging these little girls on. These children are way too young to be worrying about what they look like when they look in the mirror. It is appalling for these grown adults, especially their moms, to be adding all the pressure and stress that should not be obtained until high school when their peers will start to judge naturally, it is disgusting and cruel. These young girls are dressed up provocatively and imitate grown woman by winking and blowing kisses to the judges while moving their bodies as if they were fully developed. The pageant world completely destroys their innocence. Girls have been seen dressed up as Dolly Parton wearing padding on their chest and bottom to pull of the full celebrity look. These girls wear false eyelashes, have their teeth whitened or even wear fake teeth because they may have just lost their first tooth, and even have their legs waxed. These moms portray loosing teeth as an ugly thing when children should be focusing on it being an exciting time of their life and enjoying rewards from the tooth fairy and showing off all their gaps in their gums to their friends, not trying to cover that up. They are trying to have their little girls grow up way too fast. The most disturbing stories are those of mothers giving their

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