Hana's Suitcase and Charlotte's Web

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Robert Munsch in The Paper Bag Princess relies heavily on fairy tales. Identify at least two specific fairy tales (not categories or types of fairy tales) that the author alludes to and discuss how they appear in his work. Also, explain why you think Munsch chose those particular fairy tales and why he presents them in the way that he does. Ensure that you provide textual evidence from The Paper Bag Princess for your submission. The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch is a subversion of the fairy tale tradition of Disney. This is a story about a Princess, named Elizabeth, who goes through many obstacles to find her inner-self. There are only three characters appear in the book; a princess Elizabeth, a prince Ronald and fiery dragon. The progressive plot revolves around two central conflicts: self against other (Elizabeth against Dragon), and self against society (Elizabeth against societal pressures). The paper bag princess chose the opposite way with most of classic fairy tale such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs. The book breaks the stereotypical idea of princess fairy tales. At the start of 'The Paper Bag Princess', Elizabeth appears to be a common fairy tale princess. She lives in a castle, wears expensive and beautiful princess dresses and is going to marry a charming prince named Ronald. However, everything changes when a dragon arrives and smashes Elizabeth's castle, burns everything the princess owns, including her clothes, and takes Prince Ronald. She decides to wear a paper bag because the only thing she has left is it and chases the dragon to get Ronald back. When she meets dragon, she tricks the dragon in order to enter the lair to save her prince. However, when she finds Ronald, she discovers that he does not really love her. He is concerned about her appearance and did not thank her for saving him.
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