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Army vs. Marines How is the Army better than the Marines? Although the United States Army and Marine Corps are both primarily ground- based forces and offer many similar career fields, the two branches are different in some very crucial areas. To accurately compare and contrast the services, it is important to look at their overall missions and career fields. The Army has its roots in the Continental Army which was formed on 14 June 1775 to meet the demands of the American Revolutionary War (Wright, 1983). The Marine Corps, meanwhile, was organized by Captain Samuel Nicholas who formed two battalions of Continental Marines on 10 Nov 1775, as part of the Department of the Navy as an amphibious assault force and continues to operate in that capacity (Simmons, 2003). Although the establishment of the Army and the Marine Corps both began during the Revolutionary War, their original missions were quite different. The Marines were established as sharp shooters for U.S. Navy ships . The United States Army is the ground force of the Armed Forces, whose objectives are to preserve peace, security, and democracy, support national objectives and policies, and defend the United States against any aggressive acts by other nations or entities. Whereas the Marine Corps is trained and equipped to be first into battle with transport assistance from the Navy, the United States Army is organized and prepared for long-term combat. The Army has the responsibility of protecting and defending the United States, as well as, securing resources, people, and land during military campaigns overseas. A major difference between the Army and Marine Corps is that the latter falls under the United States Department of the Navy. Despite the Marine Corps being a separate service, the branches train together, and share some customs and traditions. The Navy provides the Marine Corps with
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