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Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Two of Americas Greatest Advocates for Liberty and Freedom Thomas Jefferson’s, “Declaration of Independence”, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs, “Letter from a Birmingham jail”, are two of the finest documents advocating social reorganization through revolution ever written. The reasons each strove to incite revolution, social and political reorganization were the same, as they always are when the time comes to take drastic measures against the state, equality. The times each lived in, the advisories opposed , and the tactics employed to ferment the social revolutions each were engaged in, are as different as night and day, red, and white wine, and black and white. Despite these differences both authors are writing to their peers to justify their actions, and appeal for support. Both also argue that when the laws of man come into conflict with the laws of God, that civil disobedience is not only justified, but is a moral obligation. Both are in the history books as two of Americas most successful revolutionaries. It is clear that Dr. King read Jefferson’s, “Declaration of Independence”, and used it as the model on which he based his arguments in “Letter from a Birmingham jail” on. These two documents are the handbook by which all civil rights leaders and revolutionaries use as the road map justify their call for equal rights upon. Between June 11th, and June 28th, of 1776 Thomas Jefferson wrote his manifesto, “The Declaration of Independence” (later enhanced by the eloquent, and skillful, changes that Bengermin Franklin and John Adams made), as a call for the American colonies to break free from English rule. It may seem strange that Jefferson wrote this as an appeal for solidarity from the British citizenry, he even went so far as to call the British people his “Brethren”, but is important to put
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