2nd Battle of Bull Run Essay

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2nd Battle of Bull Run Battle Analysis SSG Jeremy M. Stevens 91X Senior Leaders Course The second Battle of Bull Run or also known as the Second Battle of Manassas was a pivotal battle and Confederate victory. The battle was fought in Prince William County, Virginia near the city of Manassas on 28-30 August 1862. The two key leaders of this Civil War battle was General John Pope for the Union, and General Robert E. Lee for the Confederate army. There were a few strategic objectives and reasons that lead up to the battle. The first reason was the creation of the Army of Virginia led by General Pope and tasked to protect Washing D.C. against the Army of Northern Virginia led by General Lee. Destruction of the Army of Virginia would open up an unopposed route to the Union capital. The Union army also held a strategic supply center known as the Junction of Manassas. This made it possible to receive supplies and information from D.C. unopposed and with a rapid delivery time. It was known that this supply line would be key to the defense or attack on D.C. by both sides. The battle took place between the Bull Run Mountains and the Bull Run (river). The land where the battle took place in varied when it came to terrain. It range from small mountains to rolling hills, forests, ridges and open farmland. Some key terrain features used by the Confederates were the Thoroughfare Gap to enter the battle field undetected and the famous Stoney ridge used by General Stonewall Jackson. There were also several key roads and rail road tracks in the area to provide key support to both armies. The weather conditions during the battle were typical Virginia weather for the month of August. It was very dry during this period to the point where you could easily cross the Rappahannock River by foot in most places. The temperature was in the 90s and very humid. It

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