Comparative Analysis of Hiring and Appraisal Processes between Co-Operators and SISO

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Economic globalization on a rise like never before gives organizations more of a reason to gain competitive advantages in all divisions and functions of their business. One of the fundamentals of competitive edge is to attract and retain high quality and unique talent and set of skills through employees before your competition does. As human resource (HR) consultants, FYMS Consulting Group always likes to be refreshed with the latest and most implemented trends in various industries and their HR divisions. FYMS Consulting Group chose to interview the HR managers from two organizations: one from the Financial Investment industry, Co-operators, and the other a government agency, SISO, to compare and analyze their Recruitment/selection and Appraisal Processes. FYMS consulting Group chose the two areas of human resource management for two reasons(need to maybe explain in more relevance and detail why chose those two areas of HR to study??): one the selection and appraisal processes hold the key to the beginning and maintenance of successful human resource management practices; and two, most organizations are not willing to disclose information on other areas of human resource management such as compensation practices, training, or dismissal. On the other hand HR managers feel they can disclose information on their recruitment and appraisal procedures more openly, as there is nothing about the company’s operation or pertaining to it is being disclosed. Representatives from the FYMS consulting group interviewed the HR managers in person, at their respective locations. FYMS consulting group feels that HR managers are more inclined to share information in detail while maintaining a certain level of comfort, if spoken to in person. Also in-person interviews allowed for the FYMS representatives to be able to read the facial expressions while asking about different
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