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43779689 PYC3706 The Community Policing Forum Assignment 2 Index Page 2. The Community Policing Forum Page 3. Panel 1. Page 4. Self- Assessment 1 43779689 Community Police Forum (CPF) PYC3706 Assignment 2 I spend time at the local CPF it consists of organisations and Institutions such as schools , ratepayers associations, businesses and religious institutions, working in partnership with the local police. The purpose of a CPF is to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for citizens living in the CPF’s area. The CPF develops yearly community safety plans, which identify priorities and needs for the area. These priorities and needs are set by the community, through the CPF, and form part of the local police station’s operational plan. A CPF may also plan and implement its own safety projects, and can apply to the provincial government for funding for these projects. Station Commissioners of the local police stations are responsible for establishing CPFs in their areas. Almost all police station areas in the Western Cape have a CPF. Each CPF has its own constitution and aims, and may also have Sub-Forums with specific aims. An Executive Committee of the CPF has to be elected regularly. The station commissioner must always be a member of the Executive Committee, but neither the chairperson nor deputy-chairperson may be police. I joined the CPF as a Lay visitor. After arriving at the station we have immediate access to the prison cells. The visit lasted for fifteen minutes, but can be as long as two hours. During the visit we observed the conditions under which prisoners are kept, and can interview them about how they have been treated. As lay visitors we don’t have access to the interrogation room, but there is a area from where we can observe the interrogation. Lay visitors provide independent oversight of the treatment of the most

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