Fleet Feet Sports Savannah Case Study

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Case Study: Fleet Feet Sports Savannah Race director, Robert Espinoza, has found the perfect recipe for success - fun, fundraising, and Active’s race management software Background Before Robert got to town less than ten years ago, Savannah, Georgia, wasn’t exactly known for its running scene. That changed when Espinoza opened his shoe store, Fleet Feet Sports Savannah, shortly after moving to Savannah in 2002. Since then, he has directed many major races, helped put on a 5K nearly every weekend, and worked to raise money for numerous charities. With a proven formula centered on making the races fun, Robert has employed various promotional techniques, charitable aspects and easy technology such as online registration software to get lots of people signed up for his events year after year. By sticking to his process, Robert has almost single-handedly created the Savannah running scene. With Active Network, Robert Espinoza has gone from Savannah newcomer to prominent race director to community changemaker in about ten years. Espinoza uses Active to GET more participants, MANAGE any size race and BUILD the Savannah running community. GET Robert uses a free listing on Active. com to reach runners outside of his network while also spreading the word locally.…show more content…
The first thing is to get people to sign up and make sure payments and logistics are in order. For that, I use Active Network for its online registration software where people can sign up and pay securely online. Then there are all of the physical tasks that need to be done, as well as relationships that need to be managed on-site. I like to measure and chalk up the courses myself and I put out Fleet Feet markers at each mile. Another key for race directors is to keep a close relationship with your local police department and government. When you want to close roads and get permits, you need to have those guys on your good

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