Cognitive Behavior Intervention

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cognitive behavior essay Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach Charles Fryar Grand Canyon University Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach relies on some of the same principles of behavior modification. The CBI approach calls for students are to conduct a healthy portion of self-evaluation, self-monitoring, and observation. In this essay we will discuss the models, procedures, effects, and limitations of the cognitive behavioral approach with relationship to children with emotional and behavior disorders (EBD). Procedures used in the approach such, as anger control training, alternate response training, self- instructional training, verbal mediation, and self-management will be included. Components for instance emotions, thoughts, and behavior will be discussed on how they interrelate to the approach. The components influence one another and discuss will be how they do so and how they influence each other. Along with the approach being efficient, it also has some precincts that will be pointed out in the essay. A portion of the essay will include relevant information on teaching social skills. The final paragraph will discuss what considerations are important to consider when developing curriculum, approaches, and assessments. Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) relies on students’ being honest about themselves and their character to be a successful approach. The cognitive approach is based on the idea that we can control our behavior by utilizing our thought process that causes our feelings and actions. The approach has short term as well as long-term results and produces techniques that students’ can use far after their years of educational training. Students’ with emotional and behavioral disorders can be trained how to problem-solve and given strategies

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