Coca Cola Case Study

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Download the original attachment Increasing the income disposabel, sales of Coca-Cola will increase, - Inflation affect the success of the Coca-Cola - Consumption of soft drinks measures with the age of a person, means the older, reduced drinking soft drinks, the young group that most drinking light. Technology makes the world more narrow, so it appears the market "Young people" a new more accessible. From the environmental industry produces Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola get strong competition from Pepsi The main raw materials of Coca-Cola is corn syrup berkadar fruktosa high, a kind of sugar, for the United States can be supplied by the source of most of the domistik. To outside the United States consumption of sucrose can be replaced. Other material is aspartam, a sweetener used in products low-calorie soft drinks from the Nutra Sweet Company. - Buyers of soft drinks is the pembotol individuals and the rights to obtain franchises. - There are many drinks substutusi of the popular soft drink, among other beverages sitrus (Citrus Beverage), juice (fruit juice) Analysis of the internal environment will result in the company's strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of Internal company is also known by the name Analysis Company Profile. This analysis describes the strength of the company, both the quantity and quality marketing, human resources, physical resources, operations, financial, management and organization. Marketing Strengths and weaknesses can be seen from the company's reputation, market, product quality, service quality, pricing effectiveness, effectiveness of distribution, promotion effectiveness, sales force, innovation and effectiveness of geographic coverage. Strengths and weaknesses of human resources can be shown from the management of human

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