Classification of Trucks

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Nathan Wright March 7, 2011 Many different kinds of trucks can be classified by types and brands. Two major brands are Chevy and Ford. They both feel they make the best ½ ton truck but have distinct differences. Different brand of trucks surprisingly are much different then they appear to the naked eye. Even though body styles are different there is much more than that. When you get down to it, trying to say which truck is better than another really is impossible because it’s all based on opinions. You really have to drive one to find the one for you. To begin with, The 2010 Ford F-150 is a great open road traveling truck which is very spacious with 20 mpg and heated front seats the miles seem to go by easily. It has sync voice activated controls, ipod capability and a great Sony sound system. The Ford is definitely one of the easiest trucks to live with. From a truck standpoint, features like the integrated trailer break controller, tailgate step and grab bar make this truck easy to use. In contrast to the heavy Ford, the 2010 Chevy Silverado, weighed –in 500 pounds lighter yet produced 403 horsepower to the Ford’s 310 hp and mpg around 22. The added power coupled with a more durable suspension, is what every driver dreams of. With a trailer in back, the Silverado has the integrated trailer brake controller and a transmission that kept it in maximum power range. Downshifts were put where we would have used a manual gearbox, which was a huge plus on steep downhill grades. Both trucks have many features that one another does not have, but the truck I feel that is the best bang for your buck is the Chevy Silverado. Overall, it has the most power and can pull just about anything. It is very durable and versatile. Not only does it get the best gas millage it also gets that without sacrificing horse power. It has many of the same luxuries you would look

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