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Ford F-150 XL vs. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT As a Lee Stahl, a Chevrolet truck owner, once put it, “Chevys are the American Truck.” However, is the Chevy the American’s Truck or is it the Ford? Ford does have a staggering lead over Chevrolet in Americans driving trucks. Should that not make Ford America’s Truck? When choosing the Ford F-150 XL or the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 WT, many things should be taken into consideration such as affordability, drivability, and even future mechanical problems. In the battle of affordability, it is a draw. The Ford F-150 is relatively cheap compared to the Chevy Silverado when both are equipped with the exact same features, although some features or parts are only available for just the Ford or the Chevy. The Ford is $25,480 compared to the $32,868 that the Chevy cost. However, many of the features in the Chevrolet are not included in the Ford. Some of these features include the XM Radio subscription with Bose sound system, built-in OnStar, and the six speed Automatic Transmission with overdrive that all come in the Chevy while Ford does not even have these features available.…show more content…
The reason the Ford wins over the Chevy is due to three things: the tires, turning radius, and length and width. The Ford F-150 comes with all season, off-road Michelin tires whereas Chevy does not specify what type of tire comes standard on the Silverado. Michelin is a very good tire brand and if the Chevy would have these, they would specify otherwise. The Silverado has almost a half a foot wider turning radius then that of the Ford F-150. This makes the Ford easier to turn. The Silverado is 7 inches longer and 3 ½ inches wider than the F-150. This, plus the small turning radius of the Ford makes it much easier to drive than the

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