ford vs chevy

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The ford vs. Chevy battle lives on 100 years later. The battle dates back to the 1900’s. When ford came out with the 1st car the battle began. Chevy then answered that call when they came out with the Impala. If you look on the road today in present times you will see what? Chevys are not like a rock like there TV adds tries to say they are. You see more fords on the road. You also see more fords as custom cars, and restoration then Chevy. My position on this topic ford is better than Chevy. Fords are the longest running cars on the road. There parts are the longest lasting parts on the car where as Chevy uses plastic parts like u joints. Fords transmission last longer then another make even the high end cars. Also For example, fords motors can with stand higher performance modifications, and high rpms. Due to the high quality of parts used by ford motor company in the assembly processes. Another point that makes ford better then Chevy is there frames wither there unibody or frame rails with sub frames can with stand high torque, and more power. I have a souped up for truck, and it has close to 600 horsepower with a blower. I took it to the drag strip not too long ago, and there was no movement in the stock frame. Unlike a Chevy that a friend of mine has. We raced, and he does not have anywhere close to 600 horsepower. When he took off he bent the sub frame on his Chevy. False advertisement can lead one person to think a cretin make it better than the other. For example, Chevy’s TV ads make their cars and trucks out to be built proof. Were ford does not like about how solid their cars and trucks are, and how long they run for. Have you ever seen the commercial for Chevy that says there trucks are “like a rock”. That not true at all look at the facts ford have more people with over 500 thousand miles on there on the road still. An example of this is, there
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