Nascar Safety Essay

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NASCAR Safety: Review Essay Although NASCAR is frowned upon for not being safe enough to some viewers a lot of authors have highlighted key points on safety and how safety is influencing the car of tomorrow. The seats in a stock car have to be as modern as any other part of the car. The seats are molded to fit each driver and are molded tight so that the driver does not move around when going around corners. After the seats have been molded they are fitted with cushions and a five point quick release safety harness made of heavy duty nylon webbing. Driver’s helmets rank the highest in safety features. In early racing the helmets almost looked like hardhats but now they are circulated with fresh air and have built in radios for communication. The helmets today are built of heavy duty plastics and Kevlar. One important feature is the HANS device (Head and Neck Safety) When Dale Earnhard died on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 he was not wearing the HANS device when he hit the wall going over 180 miles per hour and his neck was instantly broken from the impact with the wall and he also died on impact. The HANS device connects the helmet and uniform to the seat to form protection for the neck. Drivers wear gloves that are covered in a fire resistant material called…show more content…
Mostly dealing with safety, the car of tomorrow, raceways, and who is in the lead for points. Before you reading any Nascar source you need to understand the background of Nascar, driver points are awarded after each race. For the three major championships, as well as the touring championships, points are given out for each race based on two categories: Final Position, and Laps Led. The Whelen All-American Series rewards points on the final position only and the specifics of how points are rewarded may vary from race to race. Nascar, still has areas of improvement with safety regulations, and how to keep their ticket holders
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