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Classification Essay about Friendships The subject of friendships has a very big variety of meanings. Each individual has their own description of a friendship. While racking my brain for my meaning of friendship and what it means to me. There are, in no particular order, a few that are dear to my life. Those few would be family, normal friends, pets, and best friends. FAMILY Family is the soul and roots of a person’s life and their being. Family usually consists of a few varieties. We all have a mother and father. Without them we would not be. The bond between a child and their parents can be the best friendship a person could ever have. A parent’s role is protective first then friends second. Family also pertains to a person’s aunt, uncles, and cousins. My children are best friends with their cousins. They do everything together. Aunts and Uncles are who a young person looks up to in the family. There are also in laws who fall into the family friendship category. Lastly, the bond between a child and the grandparents is remarkably different. A grandparent gets so much joy and love watching what their child has raised. SOCIAL FRIENDS A social friendship is a whole different relationship. These people are not close to you as family or best friend but, they are still a friend. In a new friendship you may start out as someone you would hang out with over coffee or maybe even lunch at a work or school setting. Often a person may make friends at a social event. Sometimes, you look forward to these events just to see the social friend that you have made. The easiest of social friends is the work friends a person makes as they grow within the company. PETS A pet can make the most loyal friend a person could have. You can tell them anything and they won’t judge you or talk back to you. Some people use their pets for emotional friendships. Other people may not

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