What Is Harriet's Relationship In The Chrysalids

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Alireza Pourali Ms.Sbrochi END 2D1 November 22, 2010 The Chrysalids Essay There are some people that they have a better relationship with others that they feel more comfortable than their family. David had a good relationship with Uncle Axel, Aunt Harriet and Mrs.Wender. In the novel “The Chrysalids”, David experiences “mother like” relationship. Firstly, Sophie’s mother is one of the people in the story that is mother-like to David and they have a good relationship with one another. First, when Mrs.Wender tells David that he is a good boy, no one has not ever told him that. For example, Mrs.Wender said “You are a good boy, David. You were very kind to Sophie, I want to thank you for that.” and David said “I felt awkward, and looked at my shoes. I couldn’t remember anyone…show more content…
An example would be this quote that David said “I used to feel when I looked at her that I was seeing my mother as she might have been.” Furthermore, David feels about Aunt Harriet as someone that he like about what he has heard about her and like his mother. Second, David feels that Aunt Harriet is a good person and has a good heart about what he have heard about her. For example, David says “I had only seen her some eight or nine times, for she lived fifteen miles away in the Kentak direction, but what I knew I liked. As a result, David likes good peoples and Aunt Harriet was one of the peoples that were like his mother to him. In conclusion, Aunt Harriet looks like David’s mother for him about what have heard and seen about her. In summary, in “The Chrysalids” novel, Uncle Axel, Aunt Harriet and Mrs.Wender was mother like to David and they had a better relationship with him than his parents. In this world some people have a better relationship with others and they feel more comfortable to talk with them than their parents and their family

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