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Community Corrections Paper Community Corrections Paper CJS/230 October, 28th 2011 “Those small relatively inexpensive changes in the right places can do much to increase the likelihood of successful community corrections.” Community Corrections Abstract In this paper, I will be discussing how community correction has an effect on society. I will also give you my hypothesis about community correction and its effectiveness in the criminal justice system. I want to describe prison system in other countries, and also show you how other nations practice imprisonment in their countries. I hope this paper will give you much in insight on Community Corrections. Community Correction also known as probation or…show more content…
One positive effect that it does have is probation cuts down on the cost of housing the offenders in a prison or jail which in the end saves the tax payers hundreds, and thousands of dollars for feeding and housing them in a prison. A negative effect on society is whether the probationer will follow the rules, or if they will continue to act on crimes against society. My hypothesis about the effectiveness of community corrections is I believe that it is lacking in attempts to keep these offenders/probationers off alcohol and drugs. The Urinalysis test that they are giving are no fool proof, they can easily pass these test with detox drinks that you can buy anywhere GNC is one of the stores that carry these types of drinks. I suggest that they add a hair test in the community corrections rules and regulations instead of just doing a urine test. This being added would force probationers and parolees to abide by the rules and regulation that are set up to help them live in society without causing havoc, crimes, and…show more content…
A very good Example of this is repeat sexual offenders not just on children, but adult’s also. This would let the parole and probation officers where they are at all times. Even though they have to keep their address updated every month or so this would allow them to see if they go near school, daycares, or if they are larking around the same places all the time. I think they should have to be on this for around 3-5 years until they can be trusted again. In my county we have a lot of sexual offenders and the county is not that big we need to get a hand on this and let them know we won’t allow them to hurt another child or adult. In conclusion we have discussed community correction and how it affects society. We have also talked about my hypothesis about community corrections and its effectiveness in the criminal justice system. We talked about foreign countries and their prison systems along with the United States system. I think that Community Corrections is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to get a new start at life and should continue to help offenders in the

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