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Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prisons Heather M behr CJS/230 January 27, 2013 Ronald Bayne Abstract The ideal for penitentiary is to keep the criminals off the streets, so that he or she cannot continue to commit crime in the society. There were two kinds of prison models, Auburn and the Eastern states. We will talk about what they differences are between the two models, and the benefits and drawbacks. We will also discuss what model was chosen to be the winner. Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prisons The ideal of penitentiary was to have a set of principals rather than physical institution with shape and form. It was meant to be spiritual and secular. This was supposed to be where the punishments were humane, instead of like the western societies who focused on physical punishments (Foster, B (2006 chapter 2). This was meant to be clean and health unlike the jails was also to help prevent the kind of contamination of prisoner’s minds and bodies and their spirit that accused in the existing jails. What they did to prevent that was a separate criminal as much as they could, more in isolation. This was also so that correct discipline could be practiced.(Foster, B (2006 chapter 2). They did this by enforcing rules to the prisoners. They had prisoners productively being active in labor, instead of sitting around as they did in the old prisons and jails (Foster, B (2006 chapter 2). When dealing with the spiritual part of penitentiary it was supposed to be a place for penance, where they would express their regret for what they have done wrong (Foster, B (2006 chapter 2). With being secular institute, petitionary was meeting their religious need for them to show their contrition for sin. What that meant was it let the criminal say that they were sorry and they promised to do better (Foster, B (2006 chapter 2). This also was a way to

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